So How Does the Challenge Work?
This is a true fitness challenge where you can win free training. All the workouts are suitable for beginner to intermediate athletes. Includes comprehensive weight loss (or gain) materials.
So How Do I WIN???

  •  Lean and Tone: Lose 20 Pounds or 6% body fat in the six week period (pick one)
  •  Get Swole: Gain 20 pounds in the six week period (only one of these obviously)
  •  Attend all 16 sessions (or do make up session provided)
  •  Check in on Facebook for all 16 sessions (unless you are a secret agent without a Facebook page)
  • Weigh in weekly
  • Take before and after pictures and give us permission to use them in our marketing

Common Questions
  • So if it is free do I have pay anything? Of course: you are putting down $599 (Or installment payments). You have to have some skin in the game to motivate you.
  • So if I win you will really give my money back in cash? Yes we will.
  • But why would you do this? Aren't you going to lose money? We hope not! Most people who win the challenge take the money as a credit towards one of our other programs and become loyal customers and great marketing for us. Honestly if you lose 20 pounds and give us good before/after pictures, that is gold for us! 
  •  But what if I don't win? We will give you $30 per pound credit towards one of our programs, as long as you follow all the rules. Honestly if you lose 15 pounds and end up getting a $450 credit how mad are you going to be? Hint: not even a little mad. This is set up for you to WIN!
  • But what if I totally flake out and can't do it? We are in your corner and are going to be on you every day for six weeks to make sure you CRUSH it. But if even that won't do it, nothing probably will and we will keep all of your money.
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